shanghai sanxiang (group) wins title of “five-star credit establishment enterprise”


reviewed by the organization commission of “enterprise credit establishment” of shanghai and shanghai real estate association, shanghai sanxiang (group) co., ltd. won the title of “five-star credit establishment enterprise” of shanghai in the end of 2013.

the mark of “five-star” represents the highest level of credit enterprise of the real estate industry of shanghai. it involves seven core parts, namely, voluntary application by the enterprise, opinion of association, credit of the third party, review by the organization commission, online announcement, supervision by citizens and withdrawal due to violation. the process is tracked by the dynamic inspection and annual examination and the dynamic, cubic and systematic long-term management mechanism of credit will be finally formed.

by the platform of “enterprise credit establishment”, the company may accumulate the credit in the long-term mechanism by measures of enterprise exhibition, social supervision and social inquiry to strengthen the core competitiveness of the enterprise.


xu ying from group office

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