shanghai sanxiang (group) co., ltd. obtains aaa credit rating of real estate enterprise


shanghai sanxiang (group) co., ltd. was elected by china real estate association and china real estate research association as “aaa credit rating real estate enterprise 2013” in february of 2014. it is the highest credit rating of the real estate enterprise by now.

altogether 80 real estate enterprises were rated in 2013. only 41 enterprises obtained the aaa credit rating. the credit rating of enterprise is the national rating conducted by the industrial association of china once a year. it evaluates the development capability, credit, taxation, contract performance, product quality and social responsibility of the real estate enterprise from perspectives of objective credit capability, operation credit and social responsibility performance according to credit rating indicator system of real estate industry (development enterprise).

the credit rating shall be applied by the company, evaluated and fed back by the third-party evaluation institution, reviewed by the credit rating management commission, announced publicly on the internet and reported to the charging authority. the credit rating of the real estate industry is favorable for stimulating the enterprise to obey disciplines, establish the positive social image and strengthen the management capability and sense of social responsibility of the enterprise, therefore, it is positive for the healthy development of the industry.

as a responsible real estate enterprise, relying on many years of development experience, operation management, product quality and social responsibility, sanxiang group have won the honor of “aaa credit rating of real estate enterprise 2013”. it is the effective encouragement of the honest operation of the company and is very significant for the establishment of the enterprise image and improvement of the honest management and operation of the enterprise.


xu ying from group office

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