zhuge yujie, head of yangpu district visits zhongying black forest


the cloudy and rainy weather having lasted for a week finally turned to be sunny on march 3. zhongying black forest was fully of blooming trees and fresh air. in the afternoon, zhuge yujie, head of yangpu district and chen yujian, deputy head of yangpu district led leaders from the district government office, construction and traffic commission, finance bureau, planning and land bureau and taxation bureau of yangpu district to visit zhongying black forest, accompanied by xu wenzhi, general manager of sanxiang stock. rui yongxiang, vice chairman of sanxiang stock and chairman and general manager of zhongying real estate accompanied the delegation to visit the residential quarter and sample room, and introduced to leaders of yangpu district the concept of green building and the application of the latest international technologies of zhongying black forest.

leaders of yangpu district highly appreciated the “forest” environment created by 11,000 camphor trees, advanced concept of green and technical residence and the concise style of decoration of zhongying black forest. in the sample room, leaders reviewed the environment of constant temperature, constant humidity and constant oxygen created by the indoor replacement fresh air system and capillary system. zhuge yujie said, “the residence of zhongying black forest provides us with a new space of imagination. zhongying has handled the demand for the high-quality residential environment.”

after the site survey, leaders like zhuge yujie and chen yujian discussed with xu wenzhi, rui yongxiang and some senior managers of sanxiang stock and zhongying real estate about the work. rui yongxiang described the concept of “building changes the world” and introduced the general situation of the project. xu wenzhi reviewed the 15 years of development of sanxiang stock in yangpu district and expressed the gratitude to the support and assistance from party committee and government of yangpu district to sanxiang, and forecasted the future development of sanxiang stock in yangpu district.

zhuge yujie introduced the merchant and investment attraction of yangpu district and asked whether sanxiang needs any help from the government of yangpu district, and expressed that the government would support sanxiang to develop the headquarters economy in yangpu district. he said, “zhongying black forest is very fabulous that the advanced development concept and refined management are quite impressive.” he recognized the rapid development of sanxiang stock in recent years and its innovative mode in purchasing zhongying. he pointed out that innovation is the future and the persistent driving force for the urban development. it is a long-term task to improve the building quality, save the energy and protect the environment. according to him, yangpu district is very potential in the development and will release many superior plots. he would like to involve sanxiang stock in the development of such plots to support the development of yangpu district. besides, he would like to cooperate with sanxiang stock in all aspects to better promote the urban transformation of yangpu district.

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