“sanxiang stock” becomes famous trademark


the trademark bureau of state administration for industry and commerce has issued the reply to recognition of “sanxiang stock” as famous trademark to shanghai municipal administration for industry and commerce to recognize “sanxiang stock”, the registered trademark of shanghai sanxiang (group) co., ltd. as the trademark.

as per recognition and management method of famous trademarks, famous trademark refers to the trademark that is well known and possesses favorable reputation in china. famous trademark is the highest level of the trademark in china. it is learned that few real estate enterprises of shanghai have obtained the famous trademark and not many real estate enterprises of china have obtained the famous trademark.

famous trademark is the combination of the popularity and reputation of the enterprise brand. the company has always been focusing on the construction of the brand of sanxiang to raise the connotation and value of the brand by strengthening the internal management and creating the external image. “sanxiang stock” was recognized as the famous trademark of shanghai in 2009. after these years of development, the company has been further strengthened and the market influence has been enlarged gradually, and it has become more advantageous in the market competition.

being recognized as the famous trademark, “sanxiang stock” will bring more brand value and intangible assets, as well as more development opportunities to the company. the company will normalize the operation management, focus on the product quality and elevate the brand image to create better social and economic values to make contributions to the healthy and constant development of the real estate industry.

yang jun from stock office

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