3.15 quality training meeting of sanxiang stock convened successfully


the annual “3.15” quality meeting of sanxiang stock was convened in zhongying real estate in the afternoon of march 14. it aimed at strengthening the quality awareness and elevating the quality management capability by the exchange and study. altogether more than 170 persons, including senior managers of sanxiang stock, directors of each functional department, personnel above the level of deputy general manager of the department of each subordinate company, and the personnel of engineering, administration and finance of each unit attended the meeting.

xu wenzhi, general manager of sanxiang stock presided the meeting. in view of the annual report of vanke, the bankruptcy of lehman brothers and barings bank, as well as some weaknesses of the company in the management, he stressed the importance of the internal control management. according to xu wenzhi, “it is disastrous if the morality does not match the post” that every one of the company shall make efforts together to realize the objective of the company, strengthen the responsibility awareness, improve the quality management, catch up with the times and elevate the work capability.

the meeting included the business training of existing problems. xu yu, secretary of board of directors of the company offered the training of “management regulations on related transactions”, feng lipeng, deputy general manager of finance center offered the training of “trusted payment” and yang jun, deputy director of office offered the training of “management system and process of official seal”. those trainings assisted attendants in clarifying the indistinct business to further strengthen the risk prevention.

basic teams with outstanding performance in the quality and safety of the company in 2013 were praised on the meeting: the construction team of sanxiang future coast winning the “white magnolia” award of shanghai and the construction team of plot 0207 of hongqiao project which had constructed the deepest foundation ditch of sanxiang were praised and awarded on the meeting. some individuals violating the business process were also criticized in oral or written on the meeting. xu wenzhi stressed that the company should advocate the awareness of quality first to form the management culture of sanxiang focusing on the quality through the long-term mechanism of internal control and encouragement mechanism of clear awards and punishments, so as to strengthen the market risk resistance and maintain the healthy and sustainable development of the enterprise.

the second half of the meeting communicated and introduced the engineering quality management. rui yongxiang, vice chairman of sanxiang stock, chairman and general manager of zhongying real estate shared his experience in the “dozens of years of preparation for the green brand—zhongying black forest”; bao guanping, deputy general manager of zhongying real estate made a speech of “comprehensive implementation of quality assurance measures”; chen ping, deputy general manager of xianghong real estate and shen weiyong, deputy manager of technology department of sanxiang construction company introduced the construction of the “deep foundation ditch” of the hongqiao project, and ma zhikang, deputy general manager of sanxiang construction company exchanged the experience in winning the “white magnolia” award.

sanxiang stock organizes the “3.15” quality activity each year to involve all employees by the report exchange, propaganda training, knowledge contest, quality inspection and technical competition in the form of enterprise culture to introduce cases to stress the importance of quality, strengthen the quality awareness, normalize the internal control system and improve the quality management and supervision mechanism. it makes a favorable foundation for sanxiang to insist on the refined path to improve the quality comprehensively.

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