sanxiang stock elected as “senior member unit of air purifier (china) league”


shanghai environmental production industrial association, air purification equipment commission and air purifier (china) league issue the horizontal board of “senior member unit of air purifier (china) league” to sanxiang co., ltd.

the league represents the unification of the air purifier industry of china. it is a mark of a cluster of enterprises with the favorable reputation, large scale, healthy development and orderly management. it will play the role of scientific innovation in the air purifier industry of china to solve the problem of commonness of the enterprise and industry to provide a platform of public service.

based on the experience in more than ten years of technical practice of residence, sanxiang stock organizes the r&d team to research and develop the “integration of air purification system and building” together with domestic authoritative institutions and experts of the air control to deal with the air pollution which is becoming more and more serious. it applies the technology in nanxiang sanxiang forest haishang to apply the air purification system in the civil building unprecedentedly. it introduces the modern technology to create the clean and health living environment for the resident.

sanxiang stock will follow the principle of the league to perform duties of the member to keep making innovative explorations to make positive efforts in the application of the air purification system in the residence.

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