sanxiang forest haishang attracts attentions on real estate exhibition


“spring real estate exhibition of shanghai”, the wind vane of real estate market of china, was held from march 14 to 17 in shanghai exhibition center. sanxiang forest haishang attracted much attention in the first day by the abundant scientific and technical connotation. many visitors came for information or consultation. the “haze removal” function of the air purification system of sanxiang forest haishang was especially popular.

“i have been searching a proper residence in suburbs. i watched the news report about the indoor haze removal of sanxiang forest haishang in the tv and became very interested, so i come to learn about it today,” a middle-aged male discussed with and some visitors about the “air purification”. the staff introduced the situation before the vcr to answer questions from visitors. it was a favorable interaction and a unique scenery of sanxiang forest haishang. shanghai tv station, xinhua net, property reporter of cbn shot on the site and interviewed some related personnel. the quota of project survey became full earlier than 11, so the bus originally scheduled to leave at 13 had to leave in advance to accelerate the reception.

the “technical exchange and recommendation of air purification system of green residence” hosted by shanghai green building association was held in marketing center of sanxiang forest haishang on march 5, 2014 and has resulted in strong reactions in the society and attracted close attention from the group with rigid demand and rigid transformation demand. along with the progress of marketing, the development concept of “oriented by technology to remove haze for residence” advocated by sanxiang forest haishang is more and more accepted and recognized by customers. we can see that “pursuit of scientific and technical civilization, stress on residential health” has become a new value orientation of the residential consumption. in the four-day exhibition, “air purification” became an attractive mark of sanxiang forest haishang and demonstrated the rich connotation of the brand of sanxiang real estate.

green technology is the development direction of the residence. sanxiang forest haishang is engaging in creating the new generation of energy-saving, environmental, low-carbon and healthy green homeland by the agglomeration of 16 major advantages in the integration of solar energy and building, and integration of air purification system and building.

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