sanxiang haishang city wins comprehensive golden prize of the 8th “outstanding residence of shanghai”


the result of the 8th “outstanding residence of shanghai” was released on april 10, 2014. “sanxiang haishang city” developed by shanghai xiangyuan real estate development co., ltd. belonging to shanghai sanxiang (group) won the highest prize, the “comprehensive golden prize”. the winner of this prize has to be the “outstanding energy-saving four-high residential quarters” with another single prizes.

the winning of the comprehensive golden prize indicates the affirmation and recognition of “sanxiang haishang city” by shanghai real estate association, organization commission of outstanding residence of shanghai and all circles of the society. “sanxiang haishang city” is a refined project belonging to the “haishang” series of sanxiang. it is featured in the energy-saving, low-carbon, green, technical and german-style decoration that it is quite popular in the market and customers. the refined decoration adopts many first-class european brands and adopts the terrestrial heat pump, capillary air conditioner, floor heating, integration of solar energy and building and displacement fresh air system, especially that the external heat preservation and the doors and windows system are quite superior to the national energy-saving standard.

“sanxiang haishang city” is based on the high-end planning, high-level design, high-quality construction and high-standard management. the developer controls the quality in five aspects, including building planning, structure design, environment greening, indoor decoration, energy-saving and environmental protection, and pays attention to the development and application of new technologies and new energies to create the safe, efficient, comfortable and healthy living environment for the resident. the company will also develop the “outstanding residence” in the future. as the upgraded version of “sanxiang haishang city”, “sanxiang forest haishang” in nanxiang possesses 16 major advantages, including the air purification system that may remove pm2.5. such advantages grant the project with more abundant scientific and technical connotations that the company has stepped into another stage in the development of the energy-saving, emission-reducing, low-carbon and environmental residence.

gong kai from xiangyuan company

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