deputy general manager of sanxiang stock huang jian leads delegation to investigate milan international furniture exhibition


to further understand the latest trend of the international furniture market and improve the quality of the soft decoration of the sample room of sanxiang, following the investigation of wallpaper and cloth exhibition in frankfurter of germany and cologne furniture exhibition in january of 2014, huang jian, deputy general manager of sanxiang stock led the delegation to visit milan and hamburg again in middle april.

milan international furniture exhibition, the “oskar” of furniture industry, is a grand meeting of furniture design and communication. we visited the exhibition hall of many internationally well-known furniture brands, including porro, living, minotti, walter knoll, cassina and vitva. each furniture reflected the attention to the quality and detail in the european furniture market. in the exhibition hall of living, we saw the cupboard with variable outlines and colors; rotating mirror matching various heights and angles; tea table in various combinations; and sofas with diversified functions that innovative concepts of design enlightened us very much. while the low-carbon and environmental protection was being advocated in the whole world, the exhibition hall of poitrona frau group adopted a large amount of potted, floored and suspended green plants and the background music of bird’s song to create a vital space.

in the exhibition area of cupboard, the door panel under sound control, lifting smoke cleaner, lighting controlled by touching and concealed sunk attracted many visitors. veneta of italy released a set of cupboard in the chinese style, which gives prominence to the design of functions and adopts the copper-coin handle, indicating the concept of “round sky and squared earth”. three heights of bench meet the demand for processing, washing and cooking of the food in chinese families; the long chopping board leaves sufficient space for bottles of flavoring and a sunk is added between cooking utensils for the convenience of adding water in the cooking. all of these functions reflect the chinese habit to the largest extent.

the delegation also visited villa linari designed by the architect dibelius. mr. dibelius introduced the villa to us. it consists of four floors and the building design, interior design and equipment integration cost one year. although the concise and modern villa is located in the group of villas in the traditional german style with an arch top, the villa does not violate the atmosphere due to the special design and customization of the external wall by the designer. the automatic grass eliminator, circulating rainwater spraying device, barbeque stove, evacuation exit and the lighting around the building on the first floor demonstrate the scientific and technical content of the villa. the window beside the open kitchen and dining room looks like grounded, but actually it is the large-scale 5m-wide pneumatic sliding door. the open scenery enables the resident to enjoy the favorable lighting in the cooing and dining, and interact with the nature in the sunny day. the main bedroom, second bedroom and guest room are arranged on the second and the third floor. all the furniture is designed by mr. dibelius to match the style of the whole villa. besides the temperature-controlled wine cellar, sauna room and bathroom, the central control room of water, power, gas and heating is also arranged underground. while taking into account the outline, material, structure and function, the designer also demonstrate the advanced technology by the villa to impress the delegation with the enthusiasm of the european architecture designer for the work.

hamburg has been destroyed for twice in the history. most architectures are built or transformed on the original foundation after the large fire in 1842. accompanied by the local chinese architect, we visited some transformation projects at hamburg, such as the rtl tv station transformed from a stable, the loft residence transformed from the parking room of trolley bus, and the residential area transformed from the hospital. the most typical one is the port building of hamburg. buildings of the whole new port city match with the unique topography of mixed lands and waters, and crossed ports and channels to maintain the typical style of port, so as to add an attractive landscape and multifunction area for hamburg.

to improve the residential environment of people, architect stefano boeri had realized his concept of “vertical forest” and the delegation of sanxiang visited the building. it consists of twin towers in the center of milan, whose height are 112m and 80m respectively. as the scaffold had been removed, more than 100 kinds of plants had been placed outside the apartment building to grow on the terraces.

the concept of green building sanxiang advocates matches with the development trend of the international building. the delegation also carried the design drawing of nanxiang sanxiang haishang villa to discuss with the designer from fleinermobel about the design of the project to pursue higher quality of the project.

zhu yekai from decoration company

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