sanxiang stock launches education assistance to tongmu primary school in yanling county of hunan


to further extend the activity of volunteers, demonstrate the social responsibility of civilized unit of shanghai and promote the spiritual civilization construction of the enterprise, sanxiang co., ltd. determined recently to provide the education assistance to tongmu primary school in chuanxing village, yanling county, zhuzhou of hunan province. organized by the labor union and branch of youth league of the company, all employees participated in the contribution to donate idle stationeries, books and clothes. some employees even bought new stationeries and books. mr. huang hui, chairman of the company especially bought a batch of new school uniforms and extracurricular books. all materials donated were packed in 35 boxes. in order to guarantee the safe delivery of such a large quantity of materials, the labor union and vehicle team of the office made a careful planning to entrust the professional logistical service provider to deliver a part of materials, and the labor union and branch of youth league dispatched the staff to consolidate the assistance relation at yanling county.

on may 10, bao xiangrong from labor union of the company and kan dongjie, secretary of branch of youth league led the team to donate the materials to tongmu primary school on behalf of the company. they departed from shanghai in the morning and arrived at yanling county at 22, 15 hours later. relevant leaders of yanling county met them.

on may 11, it was rainy in many area of south china. the rain in yanling county even once developed to the storm. about 9 o’clock in the morning, when the weather permitted, secretary of tongmu village led two comrades of the company to walk in the rain. they countered and stored all materials upon arriving at the destination without any rest.

in the morning of may 12, the weather became sunny and the mountainous area was peaceful and warm. the assistance ceremony of sanxiang stock and tongmu primary school was officially commenced. tan huilin, deputy director of party committee of yanling county, liu ting, deputy secretary of youth league committee of yanling county, zhong wenying, deputy head of chuanxing village and wan youqun, principal of chuanxing town school attended the ceremony.

vivid and lovely children performed arts in the opening ceremony to greet the staff of sanxiang from shanghai. comrade kan dongjie introduced the general situation of the company and the content of this assistance. comrade bao xiangrong expressed the solicitude to teacher and students in the mountainous area on behalf of leaders of the company and showed great respect to teachers staying in the mountainous area, and hoped the children to study hard in the difficult environment to become backbones of the county.

the leader of yanling county thanked sanxiang stock for its care about the education business and the return to the society, as well as the assistance from all employees of sanxiang. he guaranteed to arrange the materials reasonably to prevent “graft or waste of materials”.

then, kan dongjie and bao xiangrong issued the materials to students on behalf of sanxiang. holding the new schoolbag and wearing the new school uniform, all students were happy.

we felt the helpless mood of children left home, the hardship of teachers in the mountainous area and the difficult of the education environment in the site survey. as a listed enterprise, sanxiang stock is responsible for caring about helpless people to assist them in realizing the dream. in the future, sanxiang stock will keep making contributions to the public welfare business to make more people laugh with happiness.

bao xiangrong from labor union

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