sanxiang xianghong plaza becomes model construction site of safe, civilized and green construction


to cooperate with the “work safety month” and “building energy-saving week” of china and further strengthen the work safety, civilization, quality management, green construction and energy-saving of building, management commission of shanghai hongqiao cbd, construction and traffic commission of minhang district and building association of minhang district jointly organized the review of model construction site of “work safety, civilization, green construction, energy-saving and emission reduction” on june 18, 2014 to promote the exchange between industrial practitioners. as one of the two model construction sites of minhang district, organized, planned and stimulated by shanghai xianghong real estate co., ltd. and enforced by shanghai sanxiang building decoration engineering co., ltd., plot iii-d02-07 (sanxiang xianghong plaza) has adopted many advanced energy-saving technologies and has obtained the three-star green building certificate of china. it conforms to the municipal standard of civilized construction site to improve the project management significantly in many aspects.

in the construction site, there were clean and smooth construction channels, neat and beautiful protective facilities, orderly material storage yards, low-carbon and energy-saving technological facilities, constructors and operators wearing work safety protective articles; the clean, tidy and humanistic learning field, temporary lobby and dormitory area.

the safe and civilized construction and the green and energy-saving measures of xianghong plaza were demonstrated directly through a large quantity of pictures, articles, samples and multimedia materials. introduced by the project management personnel, we learned the advantage of the project management of xianghong plaza.

there is a “safety alarm mirror” in the entrance of the construction site to remind every constructor of confirming whether all protective articles have been worn while “arranging the cloth and maintain the morality”.

according to the requirement of “simultaneous enterprise development and work safety”, the project is based on the humanistic management concept to sets the high-place operation experience area against relevant regulations of the operation at a high place to enable the operator to feel hidden dangers on the construction site through the experience, and prevent any employee unsuitable for the operation at a high place in view of the examination result.

the project management personnel collect opinions to conduct the technical transformation of the protective door of the construction lift on the site. the construction lift is equipped with the turning-plate door, which may be applied in many circumstances to eliminate the hidden danger of falling from a high place due to the large margin on both sides of the protective door of the entrance of the construction lift; it also eliminates the adverse factor that the operator and trolley are difficult to enter and exit because the surface of the passage may be worn after a long term of use; the protective door is made of plywood and aluminum plate that the service life is long and it may be recycled; the protective door and the turning plate are connected and interacted by the fixed pulley, iron wire and high-strength screw, which are safe, reliable, durable, simple in the structure and convenient in the use. the technical transformation of the moving door of the construction lift is the first attempt in the construction engineering of shanghai.

it regards the requirement on the work safety, low-carbon and energy saving of the “standardized and instrumental product” as the standard to conduct the standardized improvement of the temporary fence, steel fence of scaffold, fixed lamp bracket, protective cover of abrasive cutting machine and oxygen acetylene trolley to elevate the recycling rate.

in the open area of the project, it sets the pre-evaluation platform to educate the operator before the construction in the form of morning meeting to strengthen the safety awareness of the operator in the operation.

the water circulation on the construction site adopts the “collecting water outside the field for the comprehensive utilization and reserving water inside the field for special utilization” to circulate in different systems for the road cleaning, dust control and vehicle washing, so as to reduce the waste of water and save the construction cost.

according to the incomplete statistics, nearly 500 industrial colleagues, including main responsible persons, technicians and management personnel of the building, construction and supervision units of all projects under construction in minhang district and hongqiao cdb participated in the review today. all of them visited the construction site along the route of review and many of them consulted, discussed and took photos. the staff of the project explained the situation carefully and all of them appreciated the civilized construction and energy saving of xianghong plaza very much.

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