sanxiang co., ltd. again takes the highest honor of national green buildings, sanxiang haishang mansion granted three-star level design identification certificate of green buildings


recently, the first phase project of jiading sanxiang haishang mansion developed by shanghai xiangnan real estate co., ltd., subordinated to sanxiang co., ltd., was awarded three-star level identification certificate of green buildings issued by the ministry of housing and urban-rural development. it is the second green project awarded this special honor in less than a year, after the ⅲ-d02-07 sanxiang xianghong square developed by sanxiang co., ltd. in the no. 9 land parcel, the first stage of project in core area of hongqiao business district, was awarded three-star level green building.

as the leader in the green building industry, sanxiang co., ltd. vigorously advocates and practices the green strategy, actively promoting green building practice in new projects, adopting leading energy saving technologies in jiading sanxiang haishang mansion, which mainly include  air purification and new air heat recycling system, the integration of solar energy with buildings, outside wall insulation system, outside shading system, and rain water recycling system, reducing energy consumption and influence on environment, and reducing usage cost. except for the first phase, the second and the third phase of sanxiang haishang mansion was built in accordance with two-star green building standard.

the identification evaluation of green buildings is an authoritative industry assessment work led by the ministry of housing and urban-rural development, having strict standards and rigorous evaluation processes, playing a leading role in regulating domestic green building market and promoting the prosperity and development of green buildings. sanxiang co., ltd. twice won the three-star level green building design identification certificate, the highest rating standard, and it is another leap of the enterprise in its social responsibility and development strength, conforming to the trend of the times and the needs of people's livelihood.

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