sanxiang haishang city was awarded guangsha prize - the highest honor of national level real estate, the development team of the same people moves to zhangjiang to create another glory


recently, the good news came from beijing that the sanxiang haishang city developed by shanghai xiangyuan real estate development co., ltd. eventually won the honorary title of 2013-2014 guangsha award by virtue of its excellent building quality and good reputation in the owners, passing through many layers of selections and comprehensive assessments.

approved by the ministry of housing and urban-rural development, is a comprehensive award of the real estate development in our country, jointly established by china real estate association and the housing industrialization promotion center under the ministry of housing and urban-rural development. it is a national level real estate award issued by the ministry of housing and urban-rural development and approved by the state council, being the most authoritative real estate award in the industry, and representing the highest honor in real estate comprehensive development industry.

liu zhifeng, president of china real estate association, said that this session of guangsha award has four characteristics: firstly, paying more attention to life, environment and functionality in the process of selection; secondly, complying with green, environmental protection, and energy-saving standard; thirdly, the implementation of housing industrialization quality; fourthly, paying attention to resident satisfaction. it is understood that the awarded projects of guangsha award must comprehensively implement scientific development views, taking the constructions of resources saving, environment friendly, and socialist harmony society as their purposes, achieving high levels of planning design, good environment quality, excellent engineering quality, and good housing performance, playing a demonstrating and leading role in advancing housing industrialization, four savings and one environmental protection, and green low carbon, as well as in solving the housing problems of the people.

it is worth mentioning that, of the numerous real estate projects in shanghai, only 7 projects were awarded this unusual glory, sanxiang haishang city was one of them. undoubtedly it is not only a praise and recognition of the company’s years of efforts focusing on the green technology practice, the improvement of the quality of houses development, and the improvement of customer satisfaction, but also the best interpretation of the excellent collaboration of xiangyuan team.

in october 2014, sanxiang successfully took the land parcel a3-04, a supporting living base in south zhangjiang district, pudong new area. in order to inherit the green technology path and practical experience of sanxiang, the development team was made up with the same people of xiangyuan, so far the team has moved to zhang jiang and camped there, marking the beginning of the preliminary work. ”zhangjiang is the engine of economic development in pudong new area, and zhangjiang hi-tech park is concentrated with many modern high-end industries and technology talents. as the supporting living project of the technology park, we will position our products on green energy saving and ecological environmental protection. on the basis of the successful experience of sanxiang haishang city, we will further optimize and improve our products, providing the park with a matching high quality living environment of security, health, high efficiency, and comfort”, said wang kuixing, general manager of shanghai xiangjun real estate development co., ltd..

the zhangjiang project is the first one for sanxiang co., ltd. to expand to pudong, and will become a highlighted project in the development layout of shanghai. it can be expected that this brand new project is destined to yield unusually brilliant results in zhangjiang, achieving another elaborate and demonstrating work of sanxiang.

planning scheme chart


by lin mingyan, from xiangjun

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