sanxiang co., ltd. listed into top 100 market value enterprises in chinese listed real estate enterprises (december 2014)


as was shown in december top 100 market value list released by zhongfang mvm (market value management) research center, sanxiang co., ltd. charged into the top 100 ranks for the first time, ranking 87th in the top list, with its market management continuing to grow.

the research data was collected from the december data of 215 chinese listed real estate enterprises, a portfolio of enterprises in shanghai, shenzhen, and hong kong markets. the total market capitalization in december soared by 16% on a monthly basis to 201 million rmb. in the fourth quarter of this year, various favorable policies were released, such as relaxed limitations on loans and purchase, and the cutting on interest rates by the central bank, promoting a gradual recovery of real estate market. together with performance sprinting effects of by the end of the year, each real estate enterprise showing its special prowess, the sales climbs steadily.

sanxiang co., ltd. insists on green technology real estate development, persistent for a long time on such successful practices as the development and application of new technologies, new processes, and new materials, the integration of solar energy with buildings, the integration of air purification with buildings, and fully furnishing houses, deeply affecting market consumption habits, also becoming a model highly praised and followed by the industry. its high quality buildings always rank regional top in market competition, continuing to keep excellent sales performances. in december, nanxiang sanxiang forest haishang villa developed by a subordinated company of sanxiang co., ltd. sold 20 sets in one fell swoop on the first opening day, setting a perfect ending performance of the year. 

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