sanxiang co., ltd. addressed a speech in the subject forum of china new energy application


on january 19, 2015, china real estate industry chain theme summit and the 16th session of china international real estate & architectural technology fair (cihaf) were held in beijing national conference center. sanxiang co., ltd. was invited to participate in the meeting, vice general manager xiao huantian delivered a thematic speech entitled the application of the integration of high-rise housing solar energy with buildings in green real estate at the theme forum on applications of new energy, sixth session of china real estate engineering procurement innovation convention, introducing the courses that sanxiang co., ltd had experienced in the development and application of high-rise building solar energy usage in past few years.

2015 china real estate industry chain theme summit was hosted by china real estate business, surrounding such subjects as the evaluation criterion of green buildings, the development of green building technology, the construction of low-carbon cities, and the use of new energy sources. the leaders and experts from government departments, designing institute, real estate industry, and production enterprises were invited to the summit, jointly discussing and foreseeing the development and implementation of green buildings.

since 2006 when sanxiang co., ltd. took the lead in applying high-rise solar energy hot water system across the country, which has developed to the third generation of products and technologies at present, sanxiang co., ltd possesses a leading position in the application of solar energy. after listening to the introduction presented by sanxiang, international metal solar energy industry alliance, real estate companies and manufacturing enterprises expressed strong interests in it, and will schedule time to visit sanxiang buildings, learning and exchanging the application technology of solar energy, and promoting the development of green clean energy.

by li liqun, from design management department

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