general manager xu wenzhi led a delegation to visit specialized exhibitions in germany


in order to acquire first-hand information about the world's leading architecture technologies, carrying a good vision of new projects in zhangjiang and front beach, in mid-january 2015, xu wenzhi, general manager of sanxiang co., ltd., led a delegation to start the first tour of 2015 to visit the exhibitions in germany and conduct on-site investigations.

the biennial germany munich construction and building materials expo (bau) is europe's largest exhibition in construction and building materials industry, also becoming an expo participated every time by sanxiang co., ltd. that is persistent on exploring scientific and technological innovation, committed to energy saving, environment protection, and green real estate industry. here people can not only understand and introduce cutting-edge technological products of construction and building materials, but also have a dialogue with foremost architectural design concepts. building an applauded and best selling front beach project is the main purpose of xu wenzhi, general manager of sanxiang co., ltd.. by virtue of the most cutting-edge technology, the company will achieve safe, environmental friendly and green high tech residential spaces that best suit china's national conditions, accomplishing a higher leap of sanxiang real estate brand. on the first day of the exhibition, mr. xu wenzhi, general manager, led the design team to the conference room in shuco exhibition hall, meeting with mr. giampaolo imbrighi, the renowned architect and the professor of the university of rome, conducting an initial design intention exchange on front beach project; mr. huang jian, vice general manager, led construction, building materials, decoration units to conduct casting net visits at the exhibition, collecting all kinds of distinctive, characteristic products information.

lots of new products, new materials and new processes at the fair became the team's focuses, such as glass door and window system with a hidden frame, garage doors combined with rollers shutters and swing gates, roof access panels equipped with stretching staircases, all kinds of construction methods of building, building materials, and decoration, providing a good reference for future projects of sanxiang.

"field of vision decides realm, and the detail decides success or failure". a perfect product positioning is not only a perfect architectural appearance and the space, but also a higher requirement for furniture functionality and art sense of indoor spaces. after the end of the show in munich, the delegation rushed to the cologne furniture fair. founded in 1949, cologne international furniture fair is the world's most prestigious furniture fair, where sanxiang team experienced the world of all-inclusive, best designed furniture and household items from around the world.

at cologne furniture fair, a lot of achievements were also accomplished. the interior decoration team brought soft decoration tasks of chongming sample houses with them, conducting targeted exchanges with ms. ulrikewallauer, the designer; in the showrooms of famous brands all over the world, they not only broadened their fields of visions, but also completed the purchase of soft decoration such as furniture. all were immersed in the lifestyle atmosphere provided by the top brands, the high-end, comfortable modern style interpreted the elegant and quiet luxury, fully taking into account various functional requirements, and reflecting humanities of the branding home designs.

each product needs comparisons and upgrades. apart from maintaining good cooperation relations with existing suppliers, sanxiang co., ltd. also insists on finding new cooperation partners in the development process, opening a new way of thinking. the last stop of the trip was to visit the reynaers factory, which was founded in 1965 and designed specifically to provide solutions for aluminum alloy systems and to provide innovative and sustainable products in the field of architecture. after listening to training presentations and site visits, the members carried out targeted technical exchanges with the technical staffs from reynaers factory over such practical problems, such as how to respond to the extreme weather of typhoon rainstorm in shanghai and the waterproofing work of the doors and windows, providing solutions for the improvement and progress of projects in zhangjiang and front area.

the two-week of on-site investigation trip was compact and orderly, and the contents of investigated products were substantial and diverse. sanxiang co., ltd. will carefully polish to rise abruptly based on its accumulated strength, building a powerful brand and a steady scale, and striding towards the road of sustainable development.

by shu su’nan, design management department

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