2015 working conference of shanghai sanxiang investment (holdings) co., ltd. was held grandly


a fine horse gallops a thousand miles to leave a trace of victory; a lucky sheep leaps towards its brilliant future. on february 11, 2015, 2015 working conference of shanghai sanxiang investment (holdings) co., ltd. was held grandly. mr. xu wenzhi, general manager of sanxiang co., ltd., mr. rui yongxiang, vice president of sanxiang co., ltd., mr. chen jinsong, vice president of shanghai sanxiang investment (holdings) co., ltd., mr. wang qinghua, general counsel of shanghai sanxiang investment (holdings) co., ltd., and all executives of sanxiang co., ltd. attended the meeting. vice presidents and above staffs in all units, representatives of advanced collectives, and excellent individuals participated in the meeting. hunan yandi biotech engineering co., ltd. and sanhe xiangde real estate development co., ltd. participated in the meeting as two parallel sessions via video conference.

the meeting was presided by mr. chen jinsong, vice president of shanghai sanxiang investment (holdings) co., ltd..

firstly, mr. xu wenzhi, general manager of sanxiang co., ltd., delivered the work report of 2014, comprehensively making a summary of 2014 main work. the report mentioned, the year 2014 was the year to sow hopes for sanxiang co., ltd., a year to accumulate strength, and a year to accomplish achievements. under the correct leadership of chairman huang hui, the company operating management led all employees to actively create conditions to strive for achievements in the complex changeable economic environment. the company won chinese famous trademark and indoor air purification system application invention patent, achieving a successful refinancing, with total assets of over 10 billion, the market value charged into top 100 chinese listed real and estate enterprises in shanghai, shenzhen and hong kong market. zhangjiang and front beach bloom twice, refreshing records of prime lots ... ...the report also faced the insufficiencies in their work and pointed out the working direction. when looking ahead to the work of 2015, mr. xu wenzhi hoped that each employee would develop the spirit of daring to go through rapids, working hard, unwilling to be mediocre, advancing with courage, accomplishing a successful career, positioning individual development targets in the strategic vision of sanxiang, and making his due contribution to the work to complete comprehensively the 2015 work target of sanxiang!

huang jialin, chairman of hunan yandi biotech engineering co., ltd., reported to the conference the gratifying results of yandi biology. in 2014, yandi company tightly surrounded the operation strategy of "upgrading a scale, creating the brand, and striving for benefits" and the operating policy of "precisely building platforms and fully expanding markets", taking healthy management as the development opportunity, introducing authoritative expert teams, increasing products development inputs. they had achieved many new records and new breakthroughs, as well as obvious social benefits and economic benefits, and the enterprise went to the operation track of steady, professional, and fast development.

mr. wang qinghua, general counsel to shanghai sanxiang investment (holdings) co., ltd., read out the decision on commending 2014 advanced collectives and outstanding individuals, the company leaders granted awards to winners. representatives of the award winning staffs such as bo luhe made their acceptance speeches on the platform, recalling their growing experiences in sanxiang, appreciating the cultivation of sanxiang. they pledged to enhance learning and keep pace with the rapid development of the company, developing their intelligences, making persistent efforts, and creating further successes on the company's broader platform!

mr huang hui, the chairman, was on a business trip and put through to the conference by telephone connection. he highly appraised the achievements of sanxiang co., ltd. and hunan yandi, praising all employees subordinated to sanxiang holdings, and sending sincere greetings to all staffs and their family members. chairman huang hui, ardently hoped that all work in the new year would be carried out by quickening the pace of overcoming weaknesses and developing strengths, the company would sweep away the haze of the year of horse, meeting the happy atmosphere of the year of sheep, promoting positive energy, pursuing other victories under the new normal economy, and creating a new brilliance of sanxiang!

when the traditional lottery activity was introduced in the second half of the conference, the venue was instantly full of a hubbub of voices. happy laughters and cheerful voices almost "exploded", everyone was eager to look forward to being the luckiest one and win the prize of 100,000 rmb.

after the meeting, the company leadership and all award-winning staffs had a group photo taken to mark the occasion.

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