inspiring morale, clearing directions, the company leadership visited staffs at the start of work


on the first working day at the beginning of the spring in 2015, the management team of sanxiang co., ltd. continued the tradition of going into the basic level in the past years, getting into project companies, visiting construction sites, and sending new year's wishes and work expectations to all employees.

xu wenzhi, general manager, together with the company executives, went into each office, drived to hongqiao, front beach, zhangjiang and chongming project sites, communicated with hebei yanjiao project through video connection, sending best wishes to all employees, and paid tribute to the employees adhering to their posts during the holiday season.

the sky was clear, a rare good weather made people feel happy. the executives greeted every staff, the employees were deeply encouraged, passing a warm atmosphere to each other. in front beach project, facing the open view of the river, the executives imagined the future living life of the project; in zhangjiang project, general manager xu held fists salute to everyone and said, "the benefits of this year will depend on all of you", and he got a response full of confidence and firm determination; in chongming site, general manager xu proposed developing native advantages and implementing seedlings localization, broadening the thinking of the development personnel. the executives followed the muddy path of the site, depicting prospects on these "fields of hope", finding out the actual situations, solving problems and difficulties, inspiring morale and clearing directions for everyone.

general manager xu also talked with interest about the “small and beautiful” traits of sanxiang, the company scale is not so big, but it’s "beautiful". “every project that we are currently developing or ready to develop is china’s most potential and imaginative plot; zhangjiang project--close to shanghai free trade zone and disney plot; front beach project--located in another lujiazui district that shanghai is going to build with all strength; chongming project--according to the development outline of the municipal government, chongming island will be built as an international ecological tourism island; hongqiao project--located at the key development area of shanghai during the "twelve-five" period, concentrated with important functional projects, such as hongqiao comprehensive transportation hub, a 500,000-square-meter large scale national exhibition center; yanjiao project--located in the front region of no.1 project, the national strategy integrating beijing, tianjin and hebei area. the beauty also lies in our leading green innovative technology, strong risk management skills, and harmonious enterprise culture, which will ensure a steady and enduring development of the sanxiang.”

during the entire visiting trip, the blue sky, white clouds and clean air were also worth praising. they also talked about chai jing’s under the dome from time to time, after the shock on hearts and souls, what was more to think about was how to defend this valuable piece of blue sky. fortunately, sanxiang co., ltd. had already set out, the residential buildings with green environmental protection science and technology had proved to play an active role in the fight against fog and haze. in his conversation, general manager xu described a shared vision, in the future, our development projects will be the innovative products focusing on health and environmental protection, meeting people’s most basic needs, so that the residents can breathe freely under the blue sky and white clouds.

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