3.15 quality control promotion and implementation activity in sanxiang co., ltd. completed successfully


in the afternoon of march 25, the exchanging meeting of 3.15 quality control promotion and implementation activity in sanxiang co., ltd. was held in chongming project department. a total of more than 60 people attended the meeting, including all the executives of sanxiang co., ltd., relative leaders, deputy general managers and general manager of each unit, and relative representatives. the meeting was presided by xu wenzhi, general manager of sanxiang co., ltd..

march 15th in each year is the consumer rights protection day, and each march is also 3.15 quality promotion month in sanxiang co., ltd.. as the company's annual traditional work, 3.15 quality promotion month activity has two themes, firstly, organizing all staffs to learn the internal speech of xiaomi leijun in lenovo, and combining the current situations of quality management in sanxiang, each person wrote an impression article; secondly, carrying out self-examination and self correcting through these four levels of individuals, sectors, units, and the joint-stock company, deeply analyzing problems existed in product quality, service quality, and work quality, proposing practical rectification plans.

the activity got a warm response from all staffs, each unit earnestly organized the learning and the exchanges, did not avoid problems and dared to dissect. combining the actual work, the staffs wrote impressions with reflections, motivations, and suggestions. the executives read the reports of self examination and self correcting presented by vice presidents and above in all units, selected eight articles handed out by employees to award the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize, the executives also saw the thought sparks of management innovation from the staffs, proposing research subjects on how to further enhance the quality management level.

in the seminar, the reaction articles written by song jing from design management department and shen yongwei from construction company left a deep impression on every one. through daily petty things, they interpreted their understandings and sentiments on quality construction of sanxiang. the heads and representatives of each unit of the company reported one by one the self examination and self correcting results, introspecting and checking themselves and the units to find out the quality aspects needed to be improved. the company executives carefully debriefed, xu wenzhi. general manager expressed a full recognition of the self examination and self correcting reports, making comments on the existing problems, asking all units to earnestly implement the rectification plans after the meeting. meanwhile, general manager xu hoped to see the rectification implementation results of all units by the end of year.

general manager xu also shared with others the standards of excellence in the heart of chairman huang hui--"work hard, don't forget about the original intention". he also talked about his understanding of the standards of excellence--"whether your doings will bring your team an honor", sharing it with all.

for years, sanxiang co., ltd. has insisted on operating with honesty and credit, holding high the quality flag banner of sanxiang brand, establishing a good reputation in the heart of society, customers, and shareholders. in the future, the construction of quality management will become the new normality of sanxiang culture. the company will continue to enrich the contents, expanding the extensions, and providing solid guarantees for the evergreen foundation of sanxiang.

by zhou xingwen, human resources department

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