sanxiang (group) co., ltd. was awarded 2014 advanced member unit of shanghai green building association


in the 3rd general assembly of the fourth session of shanghai green building association held on march 26, 2015, recommended by the professional committee of the association according to the criteria, considered and decided by the association council, shanghai sanxiang (group) co., ltd. and some others were awarded the titles of 2014 advanced member units.

the above mentioned members played leading roles in fulfilling their social responsibilities and jointly promoting the development of green architectures in shanghai, setting good examples for others.

as the vice president unit of the association, shanghai sanxiang (group) co., ltd. has involved early in green building development in the industry and has a wealth of practical experience, constantly promoting the strength of science and technology innovation, and improving the integration capability of integrated technology systems. the developed products were highly recognized by the market for being energy-saving, environment friendly, and healthy. in 2014, the company made a major progress in the construction of anti-fog and anti-haze residential buildings. the independently developed technology, new air heat recycling air purification replacement supply air technology, has entered the substantial review stage of national invention patents, and has passed the detection of such authoritative institutes as shanghai academy of environmental science, shanghai research institute of building sciences, shanghai real-estate science research institute, and shanghai environmental protection products quality supervision inspection master station, with all technical indicators meeting the standards. the task of the research on key technologies for indoor air purification system in shanghai area green housing, organized and undertaken by the company, has been included in the shanghai scientific research planning, and the company has also been invited to participate in the compilation of the design norm of indoor air quality control for public buildings, a design norm of the ministry of housing and urban-rural development.

by yang jun, sanxiang office

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