sanxiang chongming project breaks ground


on the morning of may 15th, 2015, the ground breaking ceremony of sanxiang chongming project was held solemnly. chairman of sanxiang construction company, huang jian, general ganager huang yuxin along with the all the project departments and the department managers as well as employees from chongming project department have witnessed this moment. 

as the saying goes, water foretells the fortune; the meteorological station forecast says there will be heavy rain and possible rainstorm on 15th from the west to the east. as the auspicious time comes the rain comes at its due time. with the rain and wind, sanxiang people are more excited. the excavator made its first shovel amidst the saluting fireworks, which indicates the initiation of construction work of chongming project. the timely spring rain also declares the smooth ongoing of chongming project and booming sales. 

sanxiang chongming project is located in chenjia town, east beach zone of chongming, it stretches to binjiang lot no. 8-2 to the east and binjiang lot no.9 to the west, and to lanhai road to the south and yingdong road to the north, the total building area covers 315,186 square meters and the greening rate 35%. 

the project sits near to east beach bird natural reserve, the ecological environment is very beautiful, high end villas surround it, there are also equestrian sport center, golf course, the largest bicycle theme park in asia, international yacht club, helicopter, five star hotel and so on, it can rival the supporting facilities of dubai level. 

based on this, sanxiang will be committed to building high end green residence, and build a new island life in shanghai long island. 


sanxiang construction company zhang yi

may 18th, 2015 

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