immersed in art: nanxiang sanxiang forestcurio concert as part of sanxiang cultural journey series


sanxiang held a concert called ‘a tale of curio’ at nanxiang sanxiang forestcurio on july 4th. this was another successful cooperation between sanxiang and miss chen jie following the pianist’s solo concert organised by china eagle group under sanxiang on march 28.

miss chen’s rendering of well-loved classical pieces was elating; and the atmosphere was further enriched by the sophisticated lighting effect and elegant dance. the interactive concert scene was joyful with wristbands flashing to the beat and full wifi coverage allowing for live streaming.

top seller giving back

mr. chen jian, gm of xiangnan property co., ltd, the sanxiang subsidiary in charge of the nanxiang project, delivered an opening address. he remarked that being a top seller in the district during the first half of 2015, the project had almost sold out. it would not have been so successful without the support of sanxiang property owners and friends; sanxiang specially organised the concert as a way of giving back and to project a positive image.

skillful performance enchanted many

the best part of the event came when pianist chen jie was presented by smg anchorwoman yangzi

miss chen inaugurated the feast with a moonlit night on the spring river, the first piece in the first chapter titled ‘woodland awakening’. the notes, hailing from a long-gone past, transported the audience to a poetic dreamland. back from the serene, the audience was to taste the exuberance of a hundred birds paying homage to the phoenix and the grandeur of the liuyang river. the lighting effect, which merged the stage and the auditorium, further blurred the boundary between the present and the days of yore. these music pieces are usually performed with traditional chinese musical instruments; this time around, they gave the audience a unique experience when delivered by the pianist’s nimble fingers dancing up and down the ivories.

the second chapter, woodland fantasy began with miss chen’s sharing of her creative efforts over the past few years. then she went on to play liebestraum by franz liszt and inpromptus in c sharp minor by franciszek chopin. miss chen’s skillfulness certainly did justice to the depth and imaginative quality of inpromptus in c sharp minor.

the wood’s tale, the third chapter included the butterfly lovers. told so many times, the story of the star-crossed lovers liang shanbo and zhu yingtai was still so heart-rending through miss chen’s rendition. the concert hall erupted in applause after the last note had died down.

an eager audience of over 1300 filled all the seats and crowded the back of the auditorium. among them were miss chen’s fans waving flashing posts to cheer their idol. the evening climaxed with a game of lucky draw.

the audience expressed their appreciation for the concert and desire for more to come. sanxiang cultural journey series still has much to offer this year. stay tuned.

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