sanxiang combats powerful typhoon chan-hom



typhoon chan-hom hit zhoushan, zhejiang last weekend, causing storms in shanghai. it left sanxiang employees and properties unscathed, however, as sanxiang had been well prepared through evacuation and elimination of hazards.

a yellow warning was issued by shanghai meteorological center on the morning of july 10. the warning was upgraded to an orange level in the afternoon. at the time of the warning, the peak wind speed had reached level 17, indicating a super violent typhoon. the spiraling cloud bands, moreover, had extended to 1,500km away. due to uncertainties in the typhoon’s path, the prediction was that chan-hom might pass over shanghai or peripheral areas on the morning of july 12, bringing heavy rain and strong winds to shanghai.

sanxiang subsidiaries acted swiftly to avoid possible damages. communications were reinforced with multiple channels including wechat and phone used for timely update. dedicated personnel were on duty around-the-clock at each project site to respond to emergencies efficiently and keep the management informed.

safety has always been sanxiang’s top priority. before the typhoon arrived, construction workers from each sanxiang subsidiary had been evacuated from prefabricated houses to safer facilities; only a few people on duty remained on site. employees on hongqiao, nanxiang and songjiang sites were sent to sturdy buildings; the chongming team were evacuated to chenjiazhen primary school approximately 4 km away by public transport while the zhangjiang team were safely sheltered in public baths and hotels nearby. personnel on duty maintained order during the evacuation. 

sanxiang subsidiaries also identified and addressed safety hazards with measures such as  reinforcement of spots vulnerable to leaks, and getting pumps, sandbags and other equipment handy for flood relief. sanxiang decoration designated a task group to lead the emergency effort on the songjiang site: arranging a captain on site, preparing detailed emergency operation instruction, building concrete slopes and dams in the staircase to guard against water infiltration or leakage, closing doors and windows and sealing pipe room windows to keep the rain out. sanxiang construction team at the songjiang site dismantled safety nets around scaffolds to reduce wind pressure, troubleshot large mechanical equipment, reinforced scaffold members connected to walls and cleaned materials to prevent falling objects. sanxiang property made special checks on roofs, sump pits, drainage pipes, doors and windows and notified property owners and employees of necessary precautions. a drill was conducted, moreover. at around 5pm, july 11, two blowdowns and many more trees swaying violently were spotted by staff on duty. the situation was promptly reported via wechat to the operation unit of sanxiang property which then instructed the service center on site to dispatch a team for cleaning and protective measures. all work had been completed by 8pm on the same day. water leak as a result of heavy rains was identified in the glass-enclosed corridor on the sixth floor and the lobby of xiangteng international plaza late on july 11. sanxiang property responded in time and eliminated the risk.

sanxiang successfully guaranteed personnel and property safety during the typhoon through emergency preparedness and effective countermeasures. normal operation resumed at each project site shortly after chan-hom had dissipated.


zhang yi from sanxiang construction 
li zhoujun, huang jian from sanxiang decoration
gu yonghua from sanxiang property

editor:lu yuhua from sanxiang advertisement & communication

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