sanxiang chairman surveys culture scene in hangzhou


sanxiang chairman huang hui and the senior management visited song city and watched impression west lake on july 19th, 2015 to glean insights into the culture and tourism industry in hangzhou.

the team arrived at the song city in the afternoon for a tour and and watched the romantic show of songcheng.

in the evening the team enjoyed impression west lake, an outdoor musical performance created by renowned directors zhang yimou, wang chaoge and fanyue. the exquisite performance staged by the west lake took the audience to a journey through time. with a spectacular view of the west lake from each seat unhindered by the adjustable stage and the breath-taking music facilitated by the personal surrounding stereo, the first of its kind in china, the audience found themselves lost in pleasant reveries. the performance was ended with thunders of applause from the packed audience and a standing ovation led by mr. huang. 

sanxiang co., ltd. recently announced its planned acquisition of impression wonders arts development, creator of the impression series. though a new comer in the culture sector, sanxiang is fully aware of the challenges and opportunities ahead. to make the most of the synergy between real estate and culture, sanxiang has set itself on a course of learning and adjusting. the company is confident that it will achieve steady growth after the acquisition.

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