a new start – sanxiang stock hits new high, with market value breaking 10 billion yuan


july 29, 2015 witnessed a historic moment for sanxiang co., ltd as the company’s market capitalisation hit a record high of 10.53 billion yuan.

since the resumption of trading on july 24, sanxiang’s stock price had risen by the upper daily limit for  3 consecutive trading days. july 29 continued the momentum: a 9.99% increase over the opening price of 11.01 yuan. as a result, sanxiang’s targeted market capitalisation of 10 billion yuan has been achieved ahead of schedule. we at sanxiang view this milestone as a new starting point. having established the dual focus of green real estate and culture after over 20 years of efforts in the real estate sector,we are ready for far greater achievements ahead.

this is a time for reflection: we have come a long way with chairman huang hui at the helm and a dedicated team. we introduced a share-holding system in 2007 and went public through a reverse merger in 2012. last year, our total assets reached 10 billion yuan for the first time...

this is a time to say thank you. your support encourages us to stay responsible, honest and original.  aiming high and letting our enthusiasm shine through is our way of saying thank you.

this is a time to look forward. the joining of renowned director zhang yimou and his team represents a strong marriage of culture and green real estate. we are prepared for more significant growth the synergy will bring about.

this is a time to welcome talents with open arms. sanxiang is an ideal place for ambitious and competent people: we adhere to a happy work principle and retain talents by excellent career prospects, strong emotional ties and competitive remuneration. we also offer equities as incentives so that employees can share the company’s success.

having reached the 10 billion yuan threshold, we are ready to embrace a more interesting and challenging world.

powered by innovation and a new management system, we are positioned to excel in our main business lines. while the original impression wonders team maintains its stability and artistic independence, sanxiang focuses on strategic planning, resource allocation and risk control. on the other front, we remain steady in the green real estate strategy: we are raising the standards to improve our core competitiveness; we are developing a project in yanjiao to make the most of the integrated development of the beijing-tianjin-hebei region; and we are attracting and nurturing talents with an effective incentive scheme for long-term growth.

the breakthrough today will provide a better footing for the future.

standing on the new starting line, we are keenly aware of the responsibilities implied by our role as a leader in green real estate and performing art and we are determined to shoulder our responsibilities towards our shareholders, clients, employees and the broader society.

thank you for being with us along the way. we aim high, because you expect no less.

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