stay grateful, stay original——sanxiang employee interview in full swing


the employee interview, an important part of sanxiang corporate culture year, is in full swing. about 30 sanxiang employees have been interviewed as of today. they shared their experiences and also their wishes for the company.

employees who take part in the interview come from different divisions or subsidiaries of sanxiang, including marketing and design management departments, real estate project-based subsidiaries, sanxiang construction, sanxiang advertising and communication, and sanxiang property services. they are a diversified group with senior managers and grass-roots workers alike, and veterans who have served the company from the beginning and new recruits fresh from universities. but they have one thing in common: recognition by colleagues for their dedication and hard work.

plainly told, their stories are touching and inspiring.

li jianhui, a weighmanfrom sanxiang construction, is nicknamed “uncle li” by the colleagues. he has a record of staying on-site for over 80 hours, working almost non-stop when sanxiang four seasons blossom was under construction. but uncle li does not think much of that record. for him, he was only doing what was necessary when the company was understaffed; and he is glad to see improved working conditions and new blood as the company develops.  uncle li talked about his daughter with emotion. he said he was sorry for not being able to spend much time with her; on the other hand, he was proud that he had treated young colleagues as his own children.

ma ruihuan is in charge of the company’s canteen. to feed the sanxiang family properly and within budget seems to be an impossible task, but for ma ruihuan and her team, nothing is impossible. as a matter of fact, the canteen scored a satisfaction rate of 98% during a recent survey and ma ruihuan is seen as a big sister by the colleagues. to create surprises through a variety of delicious dishes is sister ma’s daily concern; and on top of that, she is responsible for purchasing the ingredients. so everyday after work, she rides to the nearest supermarkets, scouring for good bargains. consumption of rice and cooking oil is high; and to bring them to the canteen is not an easy task for a woman in her fifties. that is why no one would watch her work without a sense of admiration.

jiao chunli’s story is about a caring colleague. jiao, electrical director of the design management department, didn’t feel very well because of overwork and her colleague li liqun offered to pick her up everyday.

zhou gensheng, quality manager from sanxiang construction, expressed his gratitude for the company’s support in his time of need. he said that he had been injured during a traffic accident shortly after his father’s death and that frequent visits by the management and his co-workers had been a source of comfort.


these ordinary details reflect sanxiangemployees’ dedication and friendliness and echo the theme of this event __stay grateful, stay original.

the interview also gives employees an opportunity to express their feelings and hopes for the future.

chen lei, assistant to the general manager remarked,“sanxiang is like a big family and the chairman is like the patriarch. everyone works happily, and spend the money we’ve earned on a good life.”

gm of sanxiang advertising and communication xu dangsheng said thatpioneering and innovation were at the heart of sanxiang’s strategy as sanxiangwas the first company in shanghai to adopt meters for time-of-use pricing in residences and integrate facilities utilizing solar energy in buildings. he also pointed out that from its move towards green and hi-tech residential buildings to entry into sunrise industries, sanxiang wasembracing relentless innovation and had already seen the results.

chen jian, gm of citylight property, on the other hand, looked into the future. he said that young people must be given more opportunities so that they could carry on the excellent work of senior employees. he also pointed out that when young people’s potentials were allowed full play, the company would enjoy a more rapid development.

the moderator of the interview told the reporter that she had learned a lot from the interview. she said that rules and regulations were necessary for a public company like sanxing; but sanxiang’s secret to success was its caring atmosphere and employees. sanxiang employees, the company’s most valuable assets, have created miracles by following rules and regulations.

after over one month of work, the interview at the headquartershas nearly been finished. the group tasked with the interview will go to the project site in yanjiao where employees from xiangde are based. the content of the interview will be available at the end of this year after editing, so stay tuned.

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