sanxiang property services renews contract with high approval rate


the property services contract for sanxiang century blossom, stage ⅲ is to expire at the end of this year and the renewal of the contract was given to a vote. the voting result was revealed on september 26, 2015: 94.98% of owners support renewing the contract with sanxiang property services.

the high approval rate broke the company’s record and is rare in the property services sector.

it didn’t come by chance; instead, it was a result of employees’ hard work and dedication which were reflected in so many touching stories.

a mrs. xu told the community manager that the long-held dream of the senior residents to have a place to socialise and relax would come true very soon with the help of sanxiang property services which had communicated and coordinated with the neighborhood committee and the authorities for that purpose. now, the assigned place is being decorated and will be ready to accommodate the senior residents very soon. 

an owner living on the first floor of building no. 18 was constantly bothered by the sounds of the water tank at night. when adjustments failed to solve the problem, engineers from sanxiang property services modified the injection valve with permission from the owners committee. before the problem was completely solved, leakage had always triggered tension between residents; sanxiang property services would step in and act as a peace-maker to both sides’ satisfaction.

the safety of owners and their belongings has been a priority of the service staff who have taken many measures with the support of the neighborhood committee and the police. for instance, they installed fire alarms for elderly residents living alone and anti-burglary windows for residents on the second floor. a regular patrol is also the service team’s routine work. once the security guards on patrol saved an owner family by promptly alarming them upon noticing smoke. woken up from their nap and realising they had left the oven on, the family were so overwhelmed that they were speechless and could only gesture their gratitude with shaking hands.

those stories reflect the sincerity, resourcefulness, patience and love of the service team. owners’ hearts and minds have been won and a renewal of the service contract has been secured as a result. the team is inspired to continue its good work and be a sanxiang brand ambassador.


xu gaoqing, gu yonghua 

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