sanxiang construction wins first prize in skill demonstration competition


a competition of construction workers’ skills was organised by the construction and transportation commission and the construction industry association of yangpu district on november 9th, 2015 at the site of a commercial office project, 22 housing block, pingliang neighbourhood, yangpu district. the 2-day event was comprised of three parts: masonry, binding the rebar and installment of modules. a team of 6 dispatched by sanxiang construction scored the highest total points, and won the first prize in masonry and the second prize in module installment. mr. zhou fuhai from sanxiang was among the jury of 9.

10 teams participated in the competition, including teams from the shanghai subsidiary of china construction eighth engineering division; china construction third engineering division; shanghai construction no. 1 (group) co., ltd; zhongtian group, and zhongjin group. they were selected from the 171 construction sites of 150 construction companies in yangpu by the construction industry association.

sanxiang construction made a thoughtful preparation beforehand with support from the management: a final list of participants was selected through an internal contest using the same rules. aware of the fact that the competition could be an opportunity to demonstrate sanxiang construction’s high management standard, the company trained and provided finalists with an optimised tool set.

the competition scene was marked by fluttering flags and intense-yet-friendly atmosphere. participants lined up, ready to perform their best. the sanxiang construction team, dressed neatly in uniforms and standing behind a line-up of kitbags, laser plummets, extension cords, storey poles, chalk boxes and hand-held cutting machines already made an imposing presence. their preparedness was spoken highly of by experts and peers alike.

a master’s skill speaks for itself. the sanxiang participants impressed the audience with their skillful completion of every task: blemish bond executed with neat and aligned joints, proper arrangement of each individual brick and  accurate openings; elaborate carpentry work such as feeding the right amount of materials into the molds and fitting joints tightly together, horizontal locks for steel-reinforced crosspiece and safety harness with double fasteners, setting the opening for concrete casting, reinforcing bracing for the mold, and bubble double-sided adhesive tapes for 45 degree angle joining. all the details had been well planed and some were even drawn upon by other teams on site.

the sanxiang construction team scored the highest total points and won the first prize for masonry.the seemingly easy win was actually the result of much effort. sanxiang construction has always stuck to the principle of “detail, perfection and excellence” and management accountability. it is a standard bearer for good project management practices centered on team management and quality. each project sanxiang construction has undertaken becomes a model of its kind and each sanxiang construction site strives for the best practices. the curio in baoshan district, songjiang wealth plaza and futurecoast in jiangwan have been awarded with “quality structure” and the magnolia award for a few consecutive years.

this competition was a platform for demonstrating the technical skills of sanxiang workers and the company’s productive atmosphere and ambitious corporate culture. by promoting hard practice and being exacting about every technical detail, sanxiang construction facilitates the staff to grow professionally and personally. the company is motivated to continue its management style, improving workers’ skills and fostering the craftsman's spirit. all those efforts will contribute to the larger cause of building the sanxiang brand.

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