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xinhua reported that chinese premier li keqiang arrived at the state of  malacca on the afternoon of november 22, local time. this was the first stop of his official visit to malaysia after a series of asean meetings.

according to the foreign media, premier li keqiang attended a briefing for  impression malacca where datuk seri ir. haji idris haron, chief minister of malacca introduced the state’s business picture and major tourism projects. apart from senior state government officials, pts impression sdn bhd ceo mr. boo kuang loon and director dato'sri ee hoe lee were also present. mr. li keqiang was impressed by the 3d model of impression malacca theater. the theater will embody a perfect marriage of innovative technology and culture.

impression malacca is an outdoor musical performance created by renowned chinese directors zhang yimou and wang chaoge. it has been the impression musical series’  first staging at a venue outside of china. the artistic feast is a showcase for the natural beauty and proud cultural heritage of malacca, celebrating malacca’s role as a historic city and a tourist destination. 
so what exactly is malacca like? how about its historic ties with china? let’s explore it with premier li.

malacca, once the capital of malacca sultanate, saw admiral zheng he’s fleet berth here for six times during his it has become the throat of the strait of malacca, the maritime lifeline.

malacca has a heterogeneous and mostly multilingual population with malays, ethnic chinese (mostly of fujian ancestry), people of indian or portuguese descent and eurasians. traditional architecture is a pride of the city. diversified buildings such as chinese-style residences complement with winding and well-preserved ancient streets. and the details, such as elaborate tiles, lion-decorated knockers, inlays and reliefs speak amply for the ancient capital’s uniqueness.

malacca traces its cultural heritage to a variety of sources. cheng hoon teng temple   built by zheng fangyang, a leader of the chinese community in 1567 is the oldest temple in malaysia. dedicated to guanyin, emperor guan and the queen mother of the west, the temple remains a central place of worship for the chinese community in malacca. bukit china is a hillside boasting the greatest wealth of chinese historic sites in malaysia.

 there are also a well and a temple named after admiral zheng he, a great navigator in the ming dynasty. the porta de santiago and st. paul's church, on the other hand, are of portuguese style. the legacy of the dutch is still felt in malacca through the stadthuys. it used to be the administrative center of successive governments but now it is a history museum which exhibits malacca's history starting from the great malay sultanate. also on display are images and texts recording zheng he and princess hang li poh’s audience with sultan mansor shah, and ancient weaponry and agriculture tools. tranquerah mosque in the suburb features sumatran style and is the burial place of hussein shah of johor.

there are four must-see attractions in malacca:

1.the stadthuys is believed to be the oldest-surviving dutch building in the east. it has integrated elements of asian and european architectural styles.

it has integrated elements of asian and european architectural styles.

2、jonker walk

jonker walk is a chinese settlement. the age-honoured buildings with arcades and the club house for overseas chinese are reminiscent of hongkong in the old days.

3、the st paul's church

the st paul's church on the st paul's hill is a catholic church built by a portuguese captain in 1521. the highlights are the gravestones dated far back in history and a statute of saint francis of assisi. upon reaching the top of the st paul's hill, you will be blown away by a view of the malacca strait which is especially breath-taking during the sunset.

4、malacca river

malacca river is a tiny narrow strait that separates the malay peninsula from the sumatra. sitting at a crucial route linking the indian ocean with the pacific, it facilitates over 80% of china’s export and import and approximately 90% of chinese energy export and import.

malacca is so mesmerising that your editor is more curious about impression malacca. speaking of the impression series, we might as well take a look at their producer: the impression wonders arts development co., ltd (henceforth referred to as impression wonders for short).

acquisition of impression wonders by sanxiang co., ltd was announced on july 6, 2015, marking sanxiang’s first step in the culture sector. with this acquisition, sanxiang has established a dual approach: real estate development in first tier cities including beijing, shanghai and shenzhen with a measured pace of land acquisition and a steady cash flow, ensuring continuity in all the projects; expansion in the tourism and culture sector. for the latter task, a smooth integration of the impression wonders to meet the short-term target is necessary. strategic positioning in top tourist destinations through greater investment, acquisition of mature projects and building up a talent pool of performers is another priority. impression wonders’ asset-light model will be gradually transformed with more shares allocated to subsidiaries and  return on assets will be a focus to ensure middle-to-long term profitability. the purpose is to develop impression wonders into a leading performing art brand in china. with plans to consolidate its resources across culture, tourism and performing art and acquire companies with great business and synergistic potential, sanxiang is ready to expand its value chain.

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