internet thinking for innovation and growth


sanxiang co., ltd invited mr. sun junjun, a renowned expert in internet and marketing to train the company’s management and marketing personnel on internet thinking and marketing reform. over 80 employees attended the training session.

mr. sun informed participants of real-life cases of internet in various aspects of the real estate sector: marketing channels, product design, smart homes, intelligent community and property services. balanced with knowledge, perspectives and examples, mr. sun’s sharing provided valuable insights into changes to the real estate sector brought about by internet thinking.

mr. sun’s training was both fun and informing. participants motivated by the lively atmosphere with frequent interactions all agreed that the session was helpful.

the purpose of this training was to open minds in preparation for the prevalence of internet . informing employees of what our peers are doing can inspire thinking and innovation. moreover, this training serves as a reminder that quality must be at the core of everything we do while the internet is only a means to an end.


 qi shuting, hr department, sanxiang co., ltd

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