construction gets underway for sanxiang forestcurio in yanjiao


december 17, 2015 was a rare, beautiful day as a strong winter wind dissipated the smog which had long loomed over the beijing-tianjin-hebei region. under the blue sky, a busy scene was unfolding at the site of the sanxiang forestcurio project in yanjiao economic and technological development zone. this was the day when the arrival of the construction team and equipment at 10:00 am signaled an official start of the construction work.

senior managers from sanxiang co. ltd and its subsidiaries attended the ceremony. they were mr. huang jian and mr. xu yu, vice general managers of sanxiang co., ltd; and mr. huang yuxin, gm of sanxiang construction. mr. huang jian delivered an address at the ground-breaking ceremony. he remarked that this was sanxiang’s first project in the region; therefore the company would utilise its advanced green building technologies to create a large community of low-carbon, high-tech and user-oriented residences, complete with commercial facilities. according to mr. huang jian, the iconic project, once completed, would contribute to the local identity.

sanxiang acquired the right of use over 542 mu of land (approximately 361,333m2 ) in yanjiao economic and technological development zone as part of its strategic expansion. the potential of this lot,which faces beijing across the river and is served by jingqin expressway and jingping expressway with the tiananmen, the beijing capital international airport and the tianjin port just 30, 25 and 120 km away respectively, will be materialised in the form of the forestcurio project. though construction had been postponed for some time, sanxiang is well-prepared to make every solid step now that it did get started.

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