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sanxiang impression co., ltd. was established in 1996 and listed on the shenzhen stock exchange through a backdoor listing in august 2012. the stock code is 000863, and the stock name is short for "sanxiang impression". the company registered the trademark “sanxiang co., ltd.”, which is among the well-known trademarks in china.

in may 2016, the company completed the 100% equity acquisition of impression wonders arts development co., ltd., using the development strategy of "accelerate the development of the cultural industry, steadily develop the real estate industry, and promote the collaboration and integration of the two industries", and establishing its business model of "culture + real estate" to create dual major works. the two major parts of the main business include cultural performance and real estate development. the company is a domestic cultural and tourist performance creation and 靠谱的买球平台 copyright organization operating at the artistic level, and owning "impression", "encore", "most memorable", "home-coming", and other high-end performing arts brands. it also is the leading domestic green technology real estate enterprise and has been awarded the honors of china real estate top 100, china green real estate top 100, shanghai real estate top 50, among others.

the company's cultural business is led by impression wonders arts development co., ltd.  impression wonders arts development co., ltd. was established in march 2006, with its predecessor being the beijing impression culture and art center, launched by its three directors, zhang yimou, wang chaoge, and fan yue. impression wonders arts development co., ltd. is both the top innovator and the leader of domestic live-action performances and experiential scene drama. in art, it embodies the newest practices worldwide and unique artistic diversity. in business, it has created a cultural industry model with chinese characteristics. in effect, it plays an active part in "telling the chinese story, demonstrating cultural charm, and promoting regional development". its world-renowned works include: the g20 summit theatrical performance--most memorable is hangzhou, china's first landscape real-scene performance--impression sanjie liu, china's first indoor scene experience drama encore pingyao, china's first drifting, multi-dimensional experience drama zhiyinhao, the first silk road landing project of the national initiative "the belt and road”--encore dunhuang, and many others. among them: most memorable is hangzhou won the special award of "five-one project" of the 13th spiritual civilization construction in zhejiang province, impression sanjie liu won the "chinese cultural industry well-known brand", impression lijiang won the first “chinese cultural tourism development contribution award", the album of impression west lake was nominated for a "grammy" award,  impression dahongpao was rated as a "cultural industry base in fujian province", impression wulong was rated as an "intangible cultural heritage transmission base", and encore pingyao was honored as "the most popular cultural tourism scenic spot among the cyber citizens".

shanghai sanxiang (group) co., ltd. is the core of the company’s real estate business, and is a full industry chain service provider integrating construction, installation, building materials processing, decoration design, real estate agencies, advertising communication, property management into one comprehensive whole. the company has four national class-a licenses, including real estate development, metal doors and windows projects, decoration construction, and property services. the company is based in the two major regions of the yangtze river delta and the beijing-tianjin-hebei region, and adheres to the concept of green building and sustainable development. the company was the first in the industry to introduce time-sharing ammeters for residential electricity consumption, was the first to implement high-rise residential "integration of solar energy and buildings", was the first to research, develop, and apply the "integration of indoor air purification and buildings", achieving the effect of haze prevention and reduction.  in addition, it was the first to apply photovoltaic power generation on a large-scale in low-rise residences, achieving the mandate to "generate power for their own use and feed the surplus power into the power grid". the projects developed won the "guangsha award" of the ministry of housing and urban-rural development, the national "kangju demonstration project", the national "quality project award", china's "green building three-star certification", the shanghai construction project "magnolia" award, and shanghai’s "outstanding residence gold award". a number of independent research projects and development results won national patents. the solar energy utilization and building comprehensive energy-saving key technology applications in livable high-rise residence community project won the shanghai science and technology progress award. the company continues to stabilize its market position as the leading "green technology real estate integrator". in 2015, the company became a member of deutsche gesellschaft für nachhaltiges bauen e.v. (dgnb).

in may 2017, the company signed a strategic cooperation agreement with idg capital and yunfeng capital to integrate cultural tourism resources together with the capital market. in the future, the company will continue to act in accordance with the enterprise mission of "celebrating the excellent traditional culture, navigating green-technology real estate, and boosting regional economic development", further optimizing its business structure, enhancing its ability to minimize risk, and exerting the synergistic effect of its two principal works, in order to both achieve diversified development and promote the continuous growth of its business performance.

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